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Terms & Conditions

Please ensure that you have read, understood and accepted our Terms and Conditions below, our Privacy Policy and Disclaimers. All our services are offered on an as-is basis. Our training and services are not intended to, and should not be regarded as, medical, legal or technical advice, unless explicitly offered by a prior written agreement.

Insurance & Liability

Participants are strongly advised to be comprehensively insured at all times to cover all costs and consequences of medical treatment, repatriation, personal/public liability, personal injury/accident, damage/theft/loss of personal belongings, legal expenses, recovery of course fees, alternative accommodation and flights booked or needed in the event of cancellation or early departure from a course howsoever occurring.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance

Our course fee does not include travel and medical insurance for participants. We, therefore, strongly advise our students/their parents/legal guardians/schools to take comprehensive travel insurance in connection with their attendance of our programmes that will cover the participant against all costs and consequences, such as cancellation, accidental damage to their own and others’ property, theft and loss of personal property, and legal expenses.

Medical Insurance

If you are an overseas participant staying in the UK for less than six months, then your medical treatment may not be covered by the National Health Service (NHS). Medical treatment in the UK is expensive; thence, we strongly advise that your insurance policy includes comprehensive medical and emergency treatment, and repatriation.

Students travelling from an EEA/EU country are strongly advised to carry their European Health Insurance Card, which will allow medical treatment in UK at a reduced rate, or in some cases without charge. Nevertheless, they must also consider taking a comprehensive travel and medical insurance, including cancellation due to COVID-19-related incidents.

Health & Safety and Participant Obligations

We take Health & Safety of our course participants, tutors and teaching assistants extremely seriously. We expect all our course participants to adhere to and abide by any safety procedure in place and enforced during the course for their own safety, and for that of other course participants. We also expect our course participants to treat others and the venue property with respect and courtesy.

Any breach of programme rules and antisocial actions, including those listed below (but not limited to) will lead to disciplinary action against the participant, which may result in immediate dismissal from the programme. The offender will also be reported to the competent authorities for further action as required.

  • Any antisocial, intimidating, racist, abusive or threatening behaviour towards fellow course participants, lecturers or assistants
  • Damage to the venue property, equipment or theft
  • Any activity that may (in the opinion of OxonLab/LibPubMedia) bring OxonLab/LibPubMedia or the programme venues (whether or not course activities are held there) into disrepute
  • Consumption of drugs, legally prohibited substances and/or alcohol on the course premises

If dismissed from a programme, the participant will return home at their own expense and will not receive any material or financial compensation from OxonLab/LibPubMedia.

Furthermore, the offending individual will fully indemnify OxonLab/LibPubMedia and the programme venues against any loss or damage to the premises, furniture, equipment, or other property of the campuses, or of other course participants, lecturers and staff.

Medical conditions

It is the sole responsibility of the participant to fully inform us of, and discuss with us, any pre-existing medical conditions or learning difficulties they may have. Due to the nature of courses, we cannot guarantee admission to our laboratory-based programmes if we consider that a medical condition will affect the Health & Safety procedures in the laboratory. Furthermore, we are unable to accept students with learning difficulties due to technical and resource limitations. Participants who come to attend the course without informing us of their pre-existing medical conditions, or conditions that in our opinion are deemed to affect their own health or those of other course participants, may not be allowed to attend the course. No refund shall be given in such a case, and our decision shall be final. 

Feedback and Complaints

We are committed to providing high-quality training to all of our participants. Therefore, it is important that you complete the relevant parts of the enrolment form, telling us about your expectations from the course you are attending. We will also request feedback at the end of the course. 

Please do not shy away from giving an honest and constructive opinion about any aspect of the course, be it positive or negative. We take your comments, feedback and complaints extremely seriously, and learn from them to make changes to continuously improve our courses and services. 

Students should contact their senior lecturer or courses director if they have any complaints during the course which may require immediate attention.

You can also submit your complaint on paper to the programme director, by emailing training@lpmhealthcare.com or by speaking to the senior lecture/tutor.